Please note that I have retired and closed my office as of March 2019. For inquiries regarding legal matters please contact Francis Fan at LexTransact Law by phone at 647-609-3845 or by email at

-Peter Lewarne


Lewarne Barristers - The Advocacy Team To Rely On.
We seek to resolve but, in the face of difficulty, we are persistent and firm.

Lewarne Barristers is devoted solely to litigation and advocacy for individuals and closely held corporations. We have a skilled and dedicated staff and are routinely involved in commercial litigation in which we have a special interest and expertise.

Peter Lewarne has spent most of his professional life in the courts and knows that clients need an ally, not just a processor of paper, with the experience to present your case efficiently and persuasively. At Lewarne Barristers we take care to measure and limit the work volume of the firm to be sure to consistently provide our own brand of quality client service. We work at knowing the details, the strengths and the weaknesses of our client's case on an individual basis.

Mr. Lewarne understands the importance of using client resources wisely to present your case. His view is that it is incumbent upon him to get to the heart of a problem and assist his clients in avoiding expensive "dead-ends".

By responding as an ally to his clients in an efficient and persuasive manner, Mr. Lewarne has established a level of credibility in the courts and with his colleagues in the profession, so as to enhance the chance of success for the clients of Lewarne Barristers.

Mr. Lewarne and all of his associates are proud of their competence, their current knowledge of the client's file and predicament, and their ability to support their clients through the litigation, mediation or negotiation process.